Life Coaching

An Intuitive Life Coaching session is designed to help you release emotional blocks, gain a greater understanding and clarity in a way that helps you move forward. Trish Crowley combines intuitive reading/ life coaching while working with your spiritual team!

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Life Coaching

Trish Crowley- I’ve been able to see the world of spirit since the young age of six. Growing up, I would often see spirits around me and feel their presence as I went about my day. Not knowing what the spirits wanted I would just ignore them and sometimes be afraid. As life changed with family events and with religious views I continued to ignore this ability. Then in my thirties I decided to listen to what the spirits wanted to share and Wow what a life changer!!

So I started this adventure of self-discovery and learning how the energy of the heavenly dimensions operate. For the past years I have been taking classes honing my energy and clairvoyant skills and activating them to their full potential.  My spiritual abilities are to provide the client with applicable, direct information that they can immediately use to make positive changes in their life and heal the heart to move forward. I’m highly intuitive Angelic/Medium & Clairvoyant & Empath. My sessions include: spiritual/life counseling, mediumship and energy healing.  I am passionate about helping people obtain closure, facilitate forgiveness, and experience true self love, guidance and acceptance. I’m now very comfortable with my ability to speak and see spirits so please contact me if you would like any of the services I offer. I’m Certified from Cornell University in Nutrition and Plant Base Nutrition, licensed Phlebotomist, certified Spiritual/Life Coach plus hold certifications from Edgar Cacey’s A.R.E. foundation in Soul/Past Life Regression (PLR), House Clearing, Angelic Medium and certified from Altered State Wellness Center in Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), Level III Reiki.