Ascension Wellness and Yoga has been a dream come true for Trish Crowley. For numerous years, Trish has imagined a place where families could come and get health information at a Wellness/Apothecary and also practice Yoga…a place that brings together a community and a mindfulness into everyday life. After some beautiful divine timing, doors opened for Trish and her husband David to lease the space in The Grove. A lot of Love has been placed over this center and will offer a place for people to come and relax and expand their awareness.

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Trish Crowley ~ Kundalini Teacher, Studio Owner, & Creator of All Things Magical

Trish attended her first yoga class in March 2015 and was immediately drawn to the Kundalini Yoga practice.  She experienced many benefits from the yoga practice including a deep level of healing that was unknown to her up until that point. Her desire is that everyone have the opportunity to learn how to incorporate (even the smallest amount of) yoga into everyday life.  Yoga is a toolset that supports one finding a deeper level of stillness.  She believes that it is through this stillness that we as a human can have more awareness of how beautiful we truly are.  In Mid-2018, Trish completed her 200hr Level 1 certification with the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI).  Trish is excited to share these teachings of Kundalini yoga at Ascension Wellness and Yoga and Knoxville Kundalini Yoga Center and beyond.  She is also a Certified Spiritual/Life Coach plus hold certifications from Edgar Cacey’s A.R.E. foundation in Soul/Past Life Regression (PLR) and Altered State Wellness Center in Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), Level III Reiki. Certifed from Cornell University in Nutrition.


Angela Nicholson ~ Wellness Advocate

Angela believes that we all connect with and learn from each other through sharing our stories and experiences. She has had the good fortune to travel the world, learning about different cultures, religions and practices along the way. She is ecstatic to be part of Ascension Wellness and Yoga and is here to assist you in our own journey. Angela is renowned for her creative versatility and she brings that quality to her professional life, as well as to her private life as a Wellness Advocate and student of Spirit. She is passionate about the healing properties of crystals and gemstones and all things related to, our common sister, the Moon.


Frances Hensley (Nam Sangeeta Kaur) ~ Kundalini Teacher

Frances has practiced meditation and had a passion for personal/spiritual growth for many years.  She has explored various types of meditation for over 15 years.   Following her Soul’s journey of self-growth and personal transformation, Kundalini Yoga came into her life and has since given her daily inspiration to live happy, healthy and whole as a conscious spiritual being having human experience.  Entering her 72nd year, she has found a particular passion for helping others find ways to make yoga and meditation easier.  She has been a part of a senior exercise program for over 3 years for older women which has helped her connect this need to create a yoga and meditation class for those that struggle with sitting on the floor or getting into more challenging postures.  Frances completed her 200 Hour Yoga Certification through the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) in Mid 2018. In 2019 she will begin a chair based Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class with mindful and gentle movement and stretching for those who need a more gentle yoga and meditation experience.


Kelly Hughs

Kelly Hughs- Licensed Massage Therapist, Bodyworker, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Body Reader and Educator with more than thirty years experience in the Healing Arts.

Kelly owned and operated The Core Family Yoga Center, located in Knoxville Tennessee , for 8 years serving all ages in a variety of yoga practices to enhance their lives in movement, breath work and community consciousness.

Kelly’s passion lies in co-creating higher levels of consciousness by embracing the Universal Laws. Her intention, wisdom, and knowledge allows her to share her heart and God~ given gifts to assist others in their healing journey.


Tristan Hutchison

is a 34 year old Oak Ridge native who has been practicing yoga for 5 years and was certified in vinyasa flow in 2019. Being a runner growing up she began her yoga journey to increase flexibility and found out the yoga world had so much more to offer. She has a 17 year old daughter, 3 dogs, and a loving husband with whom she is expecting another child this autumn. Being pregnant has changed her yoga practice to accommodate where necessary but is as enjoyable and beneficial as ever! In addition to loving yoga and dogs she also has a great appreciation for nature and gets out to hike, swim, or kayak whenever possible. She loves gardening, reading, cooking, arts and crafts, and music. When she's not teaching yoga you can catch her elsewhere around town dog sitting or pouring your favorite beverage at our local beer garden. Tristain is excited to be the newest member of our Ascension Yoga team and is looking forward to meeting everyone and growing in her practice with us!